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CMOL- Dress Making


Create my own label

-Module 2 Dress Making 

Ever wanted to own your own label? If you just said yes, then we can help you create - achieve this. We can work online along side of you to bring this creative dream to life. You don't need any training, you don't need any intricate teachings, all you need is passion and a good eye for detail with the motivation to create something unique. 

You will be using all of the Newbern & The Dreamers manufacturers and we will work with you to find the exact material that you want. 

Firstly we will create 2 x samples from your individual designs. You can submit pictures, drawings, measurements, while remembering that these first samples will require you to make adjustments when they are posted out to you. You will then make a recording - video - clip on your phone and send this to us, so our designers can tweak the sample pattern, size, change colours. Remember to make the sample to fit a friend - yourself someone that you can use as a fitting mannequine. Ideally you would choose someone that you will be shooting - photographing for the advertising of your brand to be part of this process. Remember, when it goes to selling your creative fashion you want it to look amazing. 

The next phase after this design procedure will be production however if you feel you would like another sample that will be totally fine and will cost an additional $80 per piece. So once you send to us your video of your samples - adjustments etc we can make adjustments to the patterns and we can run however many pieces that you decide on, in turn creating you 3 x dress designs uniquely your own and paving way for a creative dream many others will be envious of. Once all of this above designing work has been done, samples of the 3 x designs patterns etc the price per unit will of course be a lot cheaper than the design process. Please ask any questions about these processes via our Instagram DM @newbern_thedreamer or email via our contact page. Let your dreams begin. 

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