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We do not facilitate a return garment policy due to us being a slow fashion small business. We personally make to order in most cases. We are not fast fashion and we do not operate as such as we don't have the stock to replace the wrong size ordered.

In the fashion industry retail world of big business they literally have millions of units per line. We here at Newbern Clothing usually have 1 unit per line. We pay our workers above industry standard rates so we cannot compete with the clothing corporations of this world that cause the second highest form of global pollution just behind the oil and fossil fuel industries as well as causing worker and child labour suffering. There are certain things in this world that we can change and the clothing industry is one of them it's just the same way as we can produce our own food versus buying supermarket manufactured food. 

If you need a specific size or you need us to give you the exact measurements of the garment prior to your order we are more than happy to work with you so you have exactly what you need. Also please refer to our specific countries fitting guides. If you purchase one of our the garments from one of our stockists they will have individual return policies in place and it is therefore at their discretion per return policy.  

If the garment is at all faulty (we pride ourselves in extremely high quality workmanship) contact us via email and we will sort everything out for you.

Please leave the tags on the garment and we will arrange delivery of the exact same size and item to replace.

Thankyou for your sincere understanding. 

The Dreamer Team.



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