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Hello Dreamers, so 3 blogs down, some significant information about how I came into my own knowledge of wiping the slate clean - externally, which should in turn wipe the slate clean internally for you too. 
Relationships & sex part 1. 
The word relationship. 
It’s a tough word. I honestly hate the word. Intuitively I feel the word has a mindless sub conscious association with it, that it is totally influenced by the outwardly focused humans, which has been manipulated to solely focus the search for such, outwardly. 
The word is also too broad, so it lacks creativeness and for me, it gives an adherence to aspects of the bee sting reality versus something that could be really really magical. 
By calling something a relationship you have already attracted the doom and gloom prospect to it. 
The word associating with a mainstream involvement. With mainstream involvement comes a statistic, from a mainstream statistic, comes a profit, from the profit comes the taxes. 
Domestic violence, family law, college degrees, police, lawyers, property settlement etc etc. We have to facilitate the fallout of this unnaturalness when it all turns to shit.   
Ok, so I have stripped all of the bullshit that these two people have taken on by saying the word…relationship. 
Also, disregard all of the other scenarios, poly, open relationships etc which are super gross.
So from the past 3 blogs I have reiterated that we are #1 human molecular fluid nature derived structure. #2 consciouness which balances #1. Sweet!
When we notice someone that catches our eye, immediately we use our natural reproductive sensory system to determine a physical attraction. #1.
When we have gotten past this sensory determination of attraction we proceed to learn more about the humans other attributes, formulas.  
Now I spoke about the bee sting in the last blog. If you haven’t a clue what I am talking about, go back and read the implied detrimental benefits of this illusion. 
If you can’t be bother reading back, let's just say that the bee sting is a fucked up place to live. It’s a reality where you are provoked, antagonised , prompted by fears and prodded with adherence and expectancy. 
Now you must determine the longevity within the attributes of the #2. The balance. Feminine - masculine energy balance. 
This energy has an intellectual (self knowledge, self belief), emotional  (compassion & empathy), spiritual (awareness) & sexual (creativity).
Now when someone mentions the word “relationship" one must only assume true connection to #1 & #2. Otherwise things can get quite messy. 
Ok, so the bee sting relationship that has the implied statistics etc which society needs to function in such a way to provide the very fabric of societies economies needs to be dismantled. 
It’s all about the new consciousness. Not just remoulding the same. 
The funny thing is, is that the problems that transpire within the bee sting relationship are products of #1 & #2. Yet nobody speaks of relationships this way. It’s so fucking weird.
Why don’t we speak of the relationships of society for what they truely are?
Are we scared or installed with fear when it comes to speaking openly about relationships and real emotions?
So why does the common relationship fail?
Because we lose our spiritual (awareness) #2 when we attach ourselves to another humans energy. 
When we attach our energy to another, we start expecting the other human to feed us the balance that we have lost within ourselves. 
Because most humans have no awareness of #2 they shift even further in a wounded masculine state where they find no creative source. 
Drinking alcohol, depression and confrontation will most definitely arrive from here.
To be able to live inside an attached existence to another human being trying to acquire the feminine-masculine balance for happiness and stable mental health would be next to impossible. 
The only way it functions smoothly is if the human beings whole existence is attached to things. 
Home, cars, investment properties, kids, furniture, furnishings, gardens, pool, shopping, another car then death. Hopefully a quick death. Forgiveness. 
This isn’t an existence to me, but it is to a lot of people I guess. But there is no spirituality. (Awareness). #2.
So the only way in balancing this happiness properly is by staying totally independent and unattached. 
This way you remain individual yet you can connect and share your balanced energy/happiness with who ever you choose, within the spiritual, intellectual, sexual, emotional energy connections. 
Humans look for validity. Acknowledgement of self. Importance to self.
The energy balance needs realisation and it get this through creativity. 
When we are happy and balanced and creative we love for nothing more than to share this inner abundance with someone. 
The emotions that we feel when we are not attached or we are alone is our being lacking this validity. 
The mainstream call it, low self worth or low self esteem. 
It is not this at all. 
It is unbalanced behaviour due to the human being being programmed that they need to be attached to outer source to be happy. Products. Up grades. New cars. Gadgets.
This is a massive miscommunication to self.
If two balanced people come together then can stay unique. 
Each person manifesting their individual creativeness, from that, stems a vibrant acknowledgement of self. 
The humans energy does not need to apply attachment because it is self absorbing via its creative understanding. 
When two human beings can remain individual, there is just no claim to attach due to acknowledged creative validity. 
Within both people. 
Now sexual energy can be whatever you create it to be. It costs nothing. You cannot assume sex to be anything because we cannot see sex. I mean, we can see the act but we cannot see the sensation.
We don’t ask a group of musicians to get together to jam and creatively play together and tell them that they are doing it all wrong because you don’t know the song that they are playing. It’s the same as sex. We also don’t see the music. We feel the music/sound. We have to wake up to these notions so that we can evolve. 
So who did created this idiotic list of sexual expectations? Religion and society? We have to come to terms with this ridiculousness. 
The human being uses sex for chemical release within the brain and the body as well as reproduction. 
The humans spirit uses sex to create play within the energies. Why would the connotations surrounding spiritual sexual play be of a negative connotation what so ever? Ever.
Because we are not supposed to find things of inner value. Remember the universal powers created this earth to be of material dysfunction. Destruction. Bee sting!
Relationships/sex part 2 next…..

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