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Restrictions are your manifestations

Hello to all you Dreamers, and a huge thank you to those of you who not only read the blog but asked questions and interacted via the email last blog post. I was blown away by a lot of your comments, experiences and questions. 
Powers hold those susceptible to the outwardly search for that ever alluring material goal, relationships, marriages, jewels, items, study, college degrees, homes etc.  
 If our intention was internally focused, our planet would be a leafy green functioning paradise filled with enough conscious foods - plants - plant medicines for all humans and all species, because of our manifestations, our source would provide what has manifested internally to be sprouted outwardly. We are all outwardly manifesting our desires or material wants we see the results off  this manifestation as detrimental externally because our focus is not internal. We are searching externally so we have created a problematic scenario externally. Turn our focus to internally manifesting our health, our connections, our creativity we will watch our planet shift consciously. Externally. Because we are focused externally we have a magnitude of problems internally too. Inversion.  

Restrictions to you

Restriction is currently placed on our molecular humans movements by this material consciousness, resources of supply, raped and pillaged. Embargo's are placed on such free earthly commodities by the human being in to which we all manifest via our material consciousness. Remember the material constructs motivate us to want more for less no matter what the consequences. To acquire what we need materially, we need to focus this affordability which in turn provides female oppression and slave labour within 3rd world countries. If we removed these wants from our vibrational source then we wouldn't have a 3rd world or a female - child slave labour force. H&M, Zara, UniClo, Forever 21 etc.
We would also have no wars that would involved most resource acquired commodities. Oil, rebuilding oil infrastructures, charity manipulation, World Vision etc, Save the Children etc. If we switch off our consumption of the exterior provide, we eliminate the supply and demand. We eliminate the shock and awe.
 The sun sets, the moon goes through its phases as do we, but in no way do these planetary molecular elements solely focus their intention outwardly. This is where the current material existence have us looking, searching for external material guidance and validity. We don't ask for the universe to help us breath. This is automatic.  
Your breath is power
Our breath has no program to follow. 
It just is. It is our inner power.
It is source.
It is life. 

Self accountability

 This way we become internally accountable. Instantly. If we don't like what's going on outwardly or the more you become frustrated with these fragments of this perceived reality this is the realisation that you are not focused internally. I hope that this makes sense. For example you change your perception immediately when you realise that your existence or more, your perception of the human reality is a total manipulation. So this realisation of true self is your new belief system intact. Judgement does not exist. The outside world is now forgiven. You are of course totally free, you always have been. Free from fear of any perceived judgements. From all boundaries and conditions that the socio classes inflict on each class of the human existence. Class judgement holds no happiness within its implied structures. It can only promote dissatisfaction so the socio class tiers function in such a way that life must be perceived better than that of a lower socio tier. The only way one can assume a better life is by making it more beautiful and by becoming more present. 


How do I acknowledge or validate self? One word. Love, via our creativity, via our connections to other real beings, nature, animals. We put our hearts and emotions into our conceptual capabilities and what we tangibly create connects our individual universe, our source to other molecular beings and balances this individual feminine - masculine energy within us all. This is my concept of pure joy and happiness. Fuck, we can move mountains when we promote this state of awareness. You at balance, have found source, you at balance have found the technical vibration that attracts your every want and desire. So be very careful what you choose to attract in this vibration. What I speak of does not necessarily mean financial abundance, not at all. We are all aware of financial abundance within the out of balanced masculine state. For example, I have studied some in-depth factors into Robin Williams the actors suicide and many others that have such an infinite financial abundance that they are free, supposedly to promote a marvellous life. But their independent feminine - masculine balance is askew, which leads to a magnitude of mental imbalances. So when you are manifesting, when we set our intentions, one must not solely focus on monetary gain. Thats why we must set our intentions on our lifestyle, our creativity and compassion which in turn provides monetary support to provide such abundance. Your lifestyle needs to promote a healthy internal frequency which provides the vibration to others that have acquired the same. This vibration is inline with nature, plants in which hold what is called bio photons energy - light this is at the very essence of our being. We also focus on breath, body - mind alignment and connection to the ocean, nature and fire.

We become what we consume

Consciously we must be aware of what we consume. If we consume with our minds the drama of the nightly news, our friends relationships, the drama on tv we become this. This is what we call, being programmed. If we eat a mango, in turn the mango becomes a part of us. If we eat or drink from the cow, the cow becomes a part of us. If we are manipulated by advertising on what to wear, eat where to live we become the assumptions of the advertisers projection. You will become a projection within a projection. So we must be very aware on what we consume, the purer our consumptions the clearer our capacities to evolve consciously, uniquely, individually and undependable upon exterior judgements. 

Until next blog, love-light-forgiveness-connection. x

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