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Why the fuck am I vegan?

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Why the fuck am I vegan?

Hey Dreamers, an abrupt title? But really, why the fuck am I vegan? I ate meat. So expect some hypocriticals in the next few. So as a young kid I avoided meat and dairy like the plague. I remember as a primary school kid around the age of 5 or 6, my British run government school made it mandatory for us kids to consume the milk from the cow. I remember, I found it so gross, drinking luke warm animals milk intended for its baby calf even at age 6. This was the schools daily routine. When I look back at it now, it’s a blatant installation of unhealthy industry tactics. But what’s changed? A few months ago I returned to Australia and picked up some work working in a few child care centres & after hours school care programs in and around Brisbane as a casual worker. It had been a few years since working in this industry, looking after children while the parents worked. The food was an absolute joke. I felt terrible eating my packed green, grainy lunch loaded with nutrients while the kids were loaded up with farming cows yoghurts, farming cows creamy pasta sauces, processed sugary muffins, farming cows custards/cheese and processed sugary cookies. Is this the new way of supporting our food industries - hospitals - drug companies? Yes, kids don’t like veggies, but maybe, just maybe these centres could get 1% creative with healthy foods and adopt healthy attitudes and policies. Just noticing the adults working in these kitchen should send alarm bells ringing to every parent sending their kids to these centres. Obesity is rife with the people working with food in all of these establishments. Why would our future generations be exposed to these conditions? Why are the workers exposed to these conditions? 
Poisoning our toddlers with this stuff is child abuse. This was not just at one centre. This was at them all. Ok, so we can blatantly see that industry via education is influencing food choice. Let's just lay that out on the table. With our cognitive functioning brains, switching off socio pestering misguided rebuttals. They help no one, least of all our children. 
So these are the foundations of our health problems within our western society. Remember these formulas are a set task to provide the economy with jobs. Sickness, via poor diet choices or more an educational - society enforced diet needs health repercussions so that it can self medicate. Jobs, hospitals, universities, degrees, mental health. If we didn’t produce a fault via food, the jobs would just not be.

Vitamins and minerals

Ok, so we all identify that we need a magnitude of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for our own human health. Industry has promoted the animals to eat the green pastures (cows), the grains (chicken/fish/pigs) to then give us the sustanance that we need to survive. Most self educated people that sort self knowledge will know that we can cut out the animals for sustenance of the green pastures, legumes, beans, lentils, tofu, soy, nuts, grains and essential omega 3,6 & 9 from flax seed etc. But a few things that the animal provides us with that we cannot find in an abundance is B12, folate for absobtion of minerals into the body and B6. For vegans this is necessary. Non vegans will get these supplements via the dead flesh of another beings body. For me, I do not need to let the traces of animal to bleed through my heart, liver, kidneys, bowel, urine tract, prostate and reproductive organs. I fully acknowledge that the animal is injected with a magnitude of metals and antibiotics as well as stress so that we humans can fall victim to the hospital system - medical demands, cancer and sickness from not leaving the animal out of such body functioning processes. We all know that stress causes health defects so why would we put animal stress in to our bodies too? Am I stating this as a fight against education and industry? Not at all. I am stating this to give information to those that cannot determine the truth from the lies. Industry is so powerful. More powerful than anything on this earth.

Evil Industry

World War 1 & 2 were caused by industry change. Educationally we have been indoctrinated for all wars to mean a threat to our freedoms and democracies. This could not be further from the truth.
As I put pen to paper there is a monumental shift approaching our human race. Sustainability. Sustainability. Sustainability. Sustainable Jobs. Sustainable degrees. Sustainable research. We will all be restricted more and more for the promise of more sustainability. Tyson Foods is about to release a new beyond sustainable meat range. If you don’t know who Tyson Foods are, they are the biggest food producer in the USA. They also supply Burger King & McDonalds. This is not an argument for not wanting plant based change. This is dire warning to the human race that industry will implement restricted sustainable change, versus the human race using its conscious state to determine themselves what is right and what is ethically wrong. So the human consciousness will become more restricted again. This time, using our former installed mechanisms against us for not being sustainable enough. So once again we will be told what to consume.  
But this is all part of a huge distorted industry move. What is happening right now is a shift into enforced sustainability by the industries that have caused the destruction of the planet, eco-systems and oceans in the first place by the influencing of our sub conscious state via advertising and commercialism. They told us that we needed bigger homes, bigger cars, bigger properties, bigger portions of food for less money, bigger bottles of champagne and bigger paying jobs to support the bigger promptings of our successes.
It is why the Amazon burns as we speak. The heart centre of our planet earth. 
So this is the start of the destruction. 
When we the consumers, the people, make poor consumer decisions we ultimately affect the consciousness of the planet. Because we cannot differentiate between sub conscious influence and conscious intuition. That is why we have unnecessary disease from food. #Heartdisease. 
Our sub conscious is influenced, we then try to determine a conscious decision and that is how we perceive our world and our existence.
So in closing, I try to not let my sub conscious be affected by my wants and needs. We eat to survive. We live simply to survive without any unnecessary hospital visits because we haven't chosen to let our installed influenced sub conscious state  make decisions for our conscious state. 
Until next time, love light and forgiveness x

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