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Who am I?

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Who am I?

Hey dreamers, coming to you on a quick Aussie stop off before heading home to Bali. Now.
How do we identify ourselves?
What makes our human neurons to be something of a uniqueness when all of us are made up of the exact same formula?
Well, if we are awareness - spiritual beings we are of course not the same, but what if we are not at that stage in life of knowing our spiritual being?
What if we acknowledge to be aware - spiritual but are still focusing with the presumption that we are of only neuron human matter.
What if I still think that life is about accumulating, study, courses, jobs, possessions, relationships but I state to myself to be of an awareness?
This can become an inversion in oneself if this outside world is percieved as our reality.
I think, to gain greater self - knowledge you must assume your soul, spirit has taken over a bunch of neurons - human body. The outer body formalities, that are prescribed to you, are taken simply as a joke or as a humorous satire, that way we can become more intuitively present to the realness that we posses. 
Please, I reiterate this is not a judgment. Far from it.
Do I try to identify my individual uniqueness with a tattoo? Now I am just using this formula regarding tattoos as a way to get across to you, why we neurons do the things that we do. Tattoo's came to me first as I walked past a tattoo parlour, but many many things can be assumed the same. 
Is this tattoo for me or for others to see my individuals uniqueness, updated? Is this my art? Is this art my individual creativity? Am I collaborating with another soul with the sole intention that some other being totally gets my artistic expression? Am I doing it for me or someone else? At the moment, I am thinking about my own motivations for my own tattoos and everything else in my life. Do I act on a neurological whim or an intuitive finding? 
I think that now, I would need a deeper connection with another artist - collaboration if this art is to include my body - someones creativity. I would say that gaining a tattoo, the collaboration of such would be 1000 times more intimate than sex with another person. They are putting their needle into me 1000 times over, afflicting pain, while keeping within the collaboration guidelines of what I want too. Like an orgasm during sex. This is a collaboration. 
So before I get off topic, the assumption of such an individual clause must remain in all aspects of all individual creative definition. Even if you proclaim awareness (spirituality) or not. We can use this to determine in both cases. Plain neuron or awareness. Or both. Hopefully both.
Do we apply a product to our individual uniqueness, a job, a car, a suburb to live to promote our neuronal identical identities? Could this kind of want for outer acceptance rule out spirituality? I don't think it does because we must use this information as a stepping stone in some way or another.
You can simply see, that this is a lose lose inner situation when we try to differentiate our neurons from other neurons. Right?
Because we are all the same via this scientific trajectory.
This in no way suggests that those that have tattoos lack a soul. This is to determine the reasons for the creative art. Is it approval acknowledgement of self or searching for approval from others, socio conformity. On the contrary, those that have individual art, collaborating with an artist of the needle portraying their inner individual spiritual consciousness are merely defining themselves to themselves.
Like a show of what's inside or what expresses their inability to express this in other ways. But we all must reach this discovery sooner than later. In starting something creative to define ourselves from the other souls and singularly functioning neurons we must dive straight in. Nothing happens overnight.
This is huge, just remember that. Once you shed the expectations and embrace all judgments you will gather individual momentum. We are attracted to activities energies and that is our guide to defining our individuality.
Like this is what we use creatively to balance ourselves.
Feminine - masculine. Yin - Yang. 
For me making food, making music, creative sex, writing and designing clothes gives me that warm fuzzy realisation of my uniqueness.  
I feel my individual spirit energy is mischievous and playful, so I like to stimulate this within the concepts that innerly prevail.
Just by talking through this to you, it is highlighting aspects within me that need unblocking.  
So in retrospect (I myself have tattoos) am I - you promoting our bodies art for the defining of our neurons or the defining of our souls? To ourselves or to others? Something to think about when you or I get our next ”vegan ink” tattoo, have sex, make food or whatever your creative individual needs & craves and I hope this gives insight to your next creative decision. 
Until next time, love, light, forgiveness, knowledge. x

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