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What is love to you?

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What is love to you?

So what is love? I think this is one of the most powerful question to ask ones self. I think for me, this question should have two parts. (1) What is love? (2) What am I? To answer (1) it is a universal inner finding for all beings to discover, hopefully sooner in ones human reality versus at the end of ones human life but to me, love is totality. In all of its reaching’s, it’s teachings, it’s evolution, it’s evils, it’s purity’s, it’s truest meaning to me is to become love/light. A beacon. A testament. A teacher of self love/light. To encompass a wholeness. To never utter a judgment. To never waste a breath on anything other than to find its truest meaning within. So our life long journey is not to discover things or places or possessions it is to discover a meaningful love within. The more we search externally the more we void internally. The more we judge externally the more we judge internally. What our society teaches us, it that love is a selfish commodity. We must give love via a condition placed. If this pending condition does not serve our external journey then we must abort this momentarily fleeting emotion and move on searching for it within the next and who will be willing to give it back? Rather a ridiculous cognitive silly concept right? We search within the dissections of such human life for external love. Outside validity. Justification. Love me. Whats wrong with me? Love me. Somebody. This is so wrong to look for love like this and it's heartbreaking to witness. 
Searching, evaluating, trying to grasp onto love. We put so much of our energy into finding it. Who will supply this love to me? When will this love find me? When will this love belong to me? Haha. It makes me laugh. In a beautiful way. Not in a condescending way. Your being, your soul, your human plight as this fleshy organism is love. In all of its form.
When I feel a lack of this internal love in somebody else it makes me cry because the love within just hasn’t been offered to self. The human being has not aligned due to love meaning a set of external attributes. Now this may ruffle some feathers but to become this teaching of self love that I speak of you cannot eat animals. I mean come on, seriously. Look deeply at yourself. Turn to the mirror and look into your soul, deeper. Think of an animal going through hell, pure hell, like no hell that you can fathom. The drive to the slaughter, the unknowingness, the fear, the anxiety for your fellow beings. Now tell yourself while looking in the mirror that you are fine with this. How can one look deep within themselves and truely love themselves back knowing that they themselves have eaten love, all sentient beings are love. All plants are photons to offer us this light to enhance our love. The plants are like consumable teachers. They promote our health versus the animals that will decline our health. The statistics are there. Heart disease, cervical, breast, prostate and thyroid cancers in us humans. We all know that meat & dairy cause this disease. So we must only consume the plant. The animals exist to stimulate our compassion and provide a contrast on this earth. The animals provide such deep deep compassion yet somehow things went to a point of insanity and we chose to forget this and we ate them. In almost a past time like fashion. Black people were slaves, women and gays were oppressed an unfortunately we still eat animals. Those that eat the flesh must be offered love and compassion. You cannot disassociate from those that do, because that goes against inner love. Evolution, consciousness will come to those eventually as we all individually find the purity of love within. Don’t worry about it. It’s coming. If you are in a situation where you have no choice but to eat the flesh and love of another or the secretion of another apart from sucking the nipple via your own rearing then evolution has not yet reached you, which means that love will not reach you until the evolution paths its way to you. In this life time or the next. To be aware of this, spirituality needs to be readily present. Love will know if you are not being true to yourself. You cannot trick love. You can take the commodified version of the outer proclaiming but you have instantly voided your inner love by your actions. Spirituality will teach this awareness. You are consciousness. Our behaviours must be conscious. Otherwise our actions more or less keep us fast asleep. Love is not asleep love is present. Love is now. It’s not waiting for you in a week from now. Within these seconds of thought of being still. Within meditation. Now to put this love into practice we must find this understanding. We must connect to others. This is our inner gauge. This is our power, our light but we must be super careful. We must not promise or assume something in return. We have return policies and stipulations within society on products and services. But not within love. Love is a state of being. When you connect with someone of this unconditional love you connect to a very powerful inner source. This source connects us to everything else in nature and the universe. This connects us to the very essence of life in all of its purity’s. Now this love within speaks so so deeply when you witness its purest form within another. It’s consumable. If you are not at the stage or learning yet of this love you can attach to it within another because the student will want to advance to become the teacher instantly. But you cannot. This is our individual learning. Which proves that our life journeys must be individual. Now that brings us to (2).
What am I? You are love. To be this true version of ones self, love will then teach you compassion. You are the master within yourself. Which means that you don’t need a classroom or blackboard. You just need to learn to be love. Love for others without judgment, love for others without conditions, love for all beings without the need to consume them for this lack of love that we feel is deeply rooted within ourselves. This is so important to break out free of the mind and reconstruct it all properly. The mind is delusional most of the time. So put your trust in the plants, the planet, the universe, source energy and every other living being. Filling the mind with anything but your own experiences to reach your inner love fulfilment is detrimental to ever discovering it at all.
The mind does not need focus, it just needs clarity and love offers this in such abundance. I hope that this offers contrast to the idiotic love for sale
within the propaganda of the mainstream. Which is our current conscious delusion. Once those of us via spirituality confirm the above, that all is love, that all is a test to find this love, we won’t be able to advance to the next stage of evolutionary universal growth. Until next time, love, light, compassion, forgiveness. x

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