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The art of uncoupling

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The art of uncoupling

Hey Dreamers, so this is a kind of saving mechanism for those already within the formulas of a traditionalist, societally religiously bias relationship. 
Which function in a way to provide insecurities and fear because we lack the knowledge of true self. 
These kinds of relationships are depicted in the movies, children’s story books, nursery rhymes, religious storytelling, commercial music, parental, religious emulations. They are also very reactive connections in these scenarios and that is the point of them, when we react we void our spiritual awareness versus when we sit with an insecurity we gain such self power, we gain self knowledge.
Now this is a new neurological transparent approach to evolve as new beings or more or less, giving you the information on how to do so. I will also explain how it all works at a glance so you can tie it altogether and come up with a congruent hypothesis. 
If nothing more, this information is for us to evolve with a purer love within and to adopt a conscious way of providing love and balance to ourselves, our lives, to then connect this new balanced self within. 
Under any capacity. This is a teaching. 
Now our energies are not just solely female and they are not just solely male, they are a beautiful mix of the two. 
They are evenly balanced. 
Feminine and masculine. 
Your spirit is made up of feminine and masculine energy. 
You are made up within the beautiful polarities of both. 
Remember, please do not let your human 3D experience trick this energy. 
Don’t get too embroiled in things contoured to just men or contoured to just women. 
We are all one. 
I repeat we are all one. 
You never want to have sex as just a male or just a female. 
You want to have sex as a conscious energy. 
A spirit. An awakening. 
To broaden your inner enlightenment, self knowing, self knowledge, individual purpose, compassion and self love. 
When you think of yourself as a reproductive human in full thrust regardless of human sexual orientation the delusion can and will suppress the natural energy of this spirit connection. 
The human experience is just the way to align this conscious energy no need to get too deep into it. Like politics, there is no need to waste the energy on things that do not matter. Nor that you can control however controllable that they make them seem. We all control our governments via our consumptions. Our needs. They put a spin on this though and make it look like a democratically voted movement. It’s so not. 
We must also remember, that further education, universities and colleges were manufactured when the faith of the mainstream was diminishing back in the earlier 1900’s. 
No university on earth will teach you the ways of gaining self knowledge, because they don’t want you to gain self knowledge the exact same way that the churches won’t teach you the ways to gain self knowledge. 
University is just the new church. 
It’s an organisation of the same distortion. 
They want you to gain their prescribed knowledge. Just like religion. 
So you shut up sit down and become obedient. Fix or learn how to fix and facilitate the problems that society and religion create via your consumable existences. 
All backed up by our non self knowledge and supported by our fall back on installed belief systems. 
I find it interesting that wars are waged in a religious staging. Almost in a way that ones belief system is wrong and the other one is right. 
We then produce a huge army at the cost of millions of lives and trillions of dollars to fight an illusionary conquest of hearsay. Stimulated by organised factions all linked to each other. 
Then broadcast on television and offered to the societal and religious public as subjective viewing. Why does this happen? Because our lack of self  knowledge and our lack of consciousness lets it. Simple. 
Now World War 2 was the prompting of the globally controlled industries.
We all became walking commodities so to speak. 
Just look at our stock exchange. 
It’s dependable on our consumptions to provide a share priced indexed profit. Which ultimately controls governments which inturn control the earths populations. 
Competition amongst industrialist capitalist competitors no matter what the cost to the environment or humanity. 
It’s why we have wars. 
Explained in the above on how they do it.
If we don’t consume there becomes no profit. 
Remember we are all still consuming when we are in a relationship of the old program because this is the role created for you to fill. You are an actor in their play and most of us stick to our scripts. Until death. Repeating the old script and never adopting our own for fear of social seclusion, social judgment, parental judgment and to doubt that our natural occurring belief system is wrong, yep cheers for that university. 
Everything we do is prompted to feed our industries by our consumptions, our social predicaments/outcomes, our relationships and our lives as human males and human females. 
Religion sinisterly programs us to detach ourselves from ourselves and to put faith into a sub conscious fictional illusion that an old white bearded man lives beyond the white clouds that we are to believe is our god. This is one of the most racist aspects of life on earth. It’s deplorable for one to perceive this as conceptual. It’s a racist myth. Nothing more nothing less. 
For other religions there are far fetched fictional offerings too, of beautiful white virgins after death to the otherwise compromised belief systems. These can be assumed myths for story telling and make believe as Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny for fictional play only. Remember, teaching one side of fictional story telling to a child and not teaching the other as fictional story telling too is detrimental to a humans cognitive development, perceptions and growth. 
So our feminine and masculine energy must remain completely at par with one another. Our real truth if anything else, because how else do we know fact from fiction. This must be our gauge. I repeat this must be our gauge. 
You may not assume to be religious but there’s a 99% chance that your thinking via education via industry has infected you in some way, shape or form. 
Education replaced religious doctrine. 
Both are much of the same old rhetoric. 
There is an agenda to suck you in to their external attributes. Their game. 
The agenda being to detach your feminine and masculine spirit so you search and consume in no particular order throughout your human life span until the day comes that your sins of society are repented by the old white bearded racist man beyond the white clouds. Not to mention the god awful illusion that death is some cold dark daunting place. 
Death is an advancement of this spirit. 
There is no fear when you realise this. Society and religion have made us all fear death. Death is beautiful and should be embraced as the same way as we embrace life. Without death, there is no life. So we must combine the two. We must celebrate death as we celebrate life. 
So uncoupling. The above I have written to show you how silly our lives have become by these ridiculous instalments making it easier for you to see that it’s all ridiculous. 
Now, I need you and your partner to be so present. Sit in nature to do this, even in the back garden of your home and be present. Turn off your phones, get someone to watch the kids. If you have them yet. Remember this is for them too. 
Now turn to your partner. 
Give this a moment. 
This can be quite difficult to do. Uncomfortable. 
Now stare into your partners left eye with no judgment of this process at hand. 
Stare into your partners left eye, until you have focused on the reflection of yourself, within their eye. 
Fucking moving right? 
All you are now seeing is the reflection of yourself. This may take a moment of staring to gain clarity of the reflection. 
It’s ok to feel emotional with this. 
There is a lot to let go of, trust me. 
Sit with this emotion. 
Keep staring at yourself in your partners eye. Try to sit staring for 20 minutes min. 
You’ve stirred up this true essence of being now. We can work with this.
Now while staring into your partners eye, witnessing your reflection state this:
  • I hold no judgment towards you
  • I am you
  • You are me
  • We are pure conscious energy 
  • You are love 
  • You are not a condition
  • You are not a stipulation 
  • You are not a mother or a father 
  • You are not a job or a college
  • You are not a confrontation 
  • You are balanced feminine and masculine energy 
  • I will honour this balance within me as an individual spirit of balanced feminine and masculine energy 
  • I must use this energy to grow as a conscious spirit
  • There are no wrong doings 
  • There are no wrong connections to others 
  • Intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and sexually but these are merely teachings for the soul
  • Connection of energy to others is my learning for me 
  • Only society and religion sees the above as a judgment of wrong doings 
  • My spiritual desires will not be void by my societal or religious constraints so I can balance my feminine and masculine energy as I feel the need
  • You have now become whole
  • You now have become eternal  
  • You can now share this eternal  knowledge 
Please let your partner in life repeat this. 
Now the above has been read, you both now become free spirits. 
They are no longer such things as lies and deception because there is a new building block to for trust via transparency and non judgment. What ever may transpire. The words cheating, dishonesty, liar, hurt have dissolved into the earth as these words are restrictions to the soul. Nobody is any of these things. They are not words of balance and love. They are words of the society and religion. They hold no importance to evolution of our spirit. 
Because love and compassion are totality. 
The repercussions of the society and religion have been extinguished. 
They are no more within you. 
These judgments hold no significance for this new creative journey of two souls. There is now no bondage to each other. There is now no more attachment to each other. Both of you are free to explore life, individually and together. 
You are now just two unique spirit energies dancing and you now have granted yourselves the space to just love, dance and play because that is all that you were ever supposed to do. X

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