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Sex and relationships part 1

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The word relationship

Hello Dreamers, some significant information about how I came into my own knowledge of wiping the inner slate clean. Now. Deep Breath.
Ok, so I have stripped all of the unnecessary stuff that these two people have taken on by saying the word relationship. 
Also, disregard all of the other scenarios, poly, open relationships etc not of any help. Labelling anything restricts our human nature and its energy. Like the word mother. A woman producing a being - child that is inline with natures reproductive alignment has her whole intuitive life taken away from her, merely for the sake of an adherence to a title. She is then manipulated to portray an existence under the label of mother which is not her intuitive sort path - journey - evolution. She has been classed as a reproductive species in which she must support her reproductiveness in a manner within the defining factors, socially. 
Labels only exist to halt individualism and individual growth. Which takes us about 360 degrees and we wipe out all labels. 
The same goes for the label of a relationship. 
When we notice someone that catches our eye, immediately we use our natural reproductive sensory system to determine a physical attraction.
When we have gotten past this sensory determination of attraction we proceed to learn more about the human beings other attributes and intrinsic formulas within.   
.Our energy has an Intellect (a self knowing, self belief, self realising) - Emotional (compassion & empathy) - Spiritual (awareness) - Sexual (creativity) within its consciousness. It's very very unique. We should all be taught how to use all of these individual attributes properly.  

Lets break it all down

Ok, so the statistically based relationship that has all of the applied sufferings necessary into which society needs to function in such a way to provide the very fabric of societies economies needs to be dismantled if we are ever to survive as a species. Lets get totally present with this. It’s all about a new, evolved consciousness. Intuitive knowledge. Knowing. Relationships within society are fundamentally materially evolving. What I mean by that, is that we all view our material world as replaceable. Once we are finished with a product, car, home, we simply upgrade, replace or buy new. The same concept is installed within us with when we think about a relationship, so we replicate material possession in the same way as we function within a relationship. Subconsciously. 

We must understand that we also lose our spiritual (awareness) when we attach ourselves possessively to another humans energy.
When we possessively attach our energy to another, we start expecting the other human being to feed us the feminine - masculine alignment - balance that we have lost within ourselves by the possessiveness and control. 
The possessive material programmed human mind starts thinking to itself, what will I do without this person if they are to ever leave me?
But what we should be consciously thinking, is what has this person taught me about myself that I need to acknowledge within myself individually. For individual knowledge, learning and evolution. It is much easier to learn personal attributes via the reflection of others. If we saw connection in this individual knowledge lead way humanity would be very different. 
Which is where the real love - fire exists.
Which brings our being into self validity which then brings about this balancing of the feminine - masculine energy within us all. 
The human being doesn't realise that this possessive attachment to the energy of another is an imbalance within ones self. 
This is when we start manipulating and controlling the other energy - human. 
Drinking alcohol, depression and confrontation will most definitely arrive from here.
To be able to live inside an attached possessive existence - relationship to another human being while trying to acquire the feminine - masculine balance for happiness and stable mental health would be next to impossible. 
Never ever should we expect another human to do, feel or think the same as another.
Man - woman - child - animal.
Each species should function uniquely within its own energy - balance to what best suits this individuals needs.
Sexually, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.
If you personally want to remain monogamous then this is the evolution within you. 
If you personally want to remain open to connection, then this is the evolution within you. 
This is the only way to maintain a feminine - masculine balance within ourselves.
I hope that we all can relate to this via a personal experience in some way.
The emotion of possessive attachment is not love. It is a wanting of control - attachment - possessiveness and a lack of awareness.
Love is a beings internal light.
It intuitively learns how to shine such light which illuminates from the depth of our souls.
But it doesn't offer love.
Love is within self. 
We offer a tangible gift.
But we don't offer tangible love.
We become love. 
We harness this love.
This is where the association of cheating and adultery stem from. Attachment. Unbalanced energy.
The human beings energy will do anything to balance its self or try to disengage if controlled - restricted by over compensated dominant masculine energy. Male or female. Intellectual or sexual suppression is a terrible idea to put onto another. So never ever do this. We are not living inside a Hollywood rom com or neither an episode of love island.  
In the same way a Catholic priest abuses a child. A prominent suffering to another human because the priest is suppressing natural, nature based desires within. So the unimaginable happens. Similar scenarios with men that watch lots of porn inside a relationship where control is the suffering. 7 percent of Priests abuse children. Now that is an alarming statistic. As is domestic violence. Someone in the society functioning relationship is abused every 30 seconds. Purely because we try to control the other persons mind, thoughts, energies. 
That is why cheating on another person within the society exists. Which is totally healthy for the energies to go through. If you have cheated it means you are taking steps to wake up from the farce. This is a fictitious role play. Society is the director. 
If you know someone that has cheated they must be seen as evolving. Not sinister like the society and religion has implemented over time. 
It is why more marriages fail, than last a life time.
All connections that you have should evolve throughout a life time.
If they do not, then this is a sign that you are in noway evolving as a human being - energy - soul.  
The only way that an attached human being functions smoothly is if the human beings whole existence is attached to things. 
Home, cars, investment properties, kids, furniture, furnishings, gardens, pool, education, shopping, another car then death.  
Which then takes on George Orwell’s alarming words. 
Ignorance is strength. 
You are switched off. Intentionally. 
You have no light because you have turned off other connection by possession.

Lets talk about sex baby

Now human beings look for validity.
Acknowledgement of self.
Importance to self.
The individual energy balance needs this realisation and it gets this through creativity. 
When we are happy and balanced and creative we love for nothing more than to share this inner abundance with someone. 
The emotions that we feel when we are are lonely is our inner being lacking this creative validity of self. It's totally ok. We have everything that we need within, it is just our thinking overriding our creativity.
There are many ways to stimulate creativity, baking, cooking, sourcing fresh produce, having sex.
We are told to not acquire sex as a form of creativity.
That this is a sacred creativity.
Either think of sex as human reproduction and or physical, mental release or a dance of two souls.
Anything else is not conceptual and probably made up to benefit the outward source - search so we look for validity or more keep searching for it.
You have it.
People that are feeling vulnerable, uncreative and lonely are diagnosed as having acquired a low self worth or low self esteem. 
It is not this at all. It is so totally wrong.
This is a massive miscommunication.
If two balanced people come together they can individually stay creatively unique. 
Each person manifesting their individual creativeness, from that, stems a vibrant acknowledgement of self. 
The humans energy does not need to apply attachment because it is self absorbing via its creative understanding. 
When two human beings can remain individual, there is just no claim to attach due to acknowledged creative validity. 
Within both people. 

Now sexual energy can be whatever you create it to be. It costs nothing. You cannot assume sex to be anything tangible because we cannot see sex.We can only feel it.The same way that we create sound.We don't see sound.Yet it is a creation. A nothingness, but it is something. 

Both of these activities prompt no cost nor profit. So we can enjoy these whenever we want. If you don't feel like having sex try harnessing your own individual balance. For me personally I need to be within a strong feminine energy to allow my creativity to flourish - manifest. When I can tap into source - vibration I can create anything that I desire. 
It is one of the reason that I made the move to Bali versus staying in Australia. Australia has a very strong strange masculine energy, Bali a soft feminine energy that is present.
We are not supposed to find things of inner value. Remember the universal powers created this earth to be of material dysfunction. So we search, acquire possessions of worthless value. We have all of the valuable possessions within. We just need the knowledge to unlock them. 
Love, light, forgiveness, hope. x

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