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Open connection

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Open connection

Hey Dreamers, so my last blog we went briskly through the real teachings of monogamy. Conditions placed on ones self, ones sexual, emotional and intellectual energetic needs, so that we can turn those teaching inward and learn independently in a personal empowering way. Monogamy has no benefit if you are using such meditations to join in with another assuming or placing your monogamist teachings or assumptions of the meditation onto others. Like I mentioned, if you meet someone practicing similar mediations or not, then stick to your own moralities of the meditation (open or monogamous) do not project your inner learnings or self teachings otherwise these projections are more likely to present deeper insecurities. You then must work through these presented insecurities as an individual because you ultimately know you. Right? We are using such meditations to connect our love and compassion to ourselves. If that resonates with others then this is your true nature. Keep practicing. 
So now let's dive deep into the open connection. This too is a strict meditation. When we connect with another human being romantically we must offer this meditation as a proposal but not a condition. Your proposal stipulating that this is an open individual journey for self growth. You would do the same as a monogamist. You can even shuffle between monogamy and open, this is all an individual choice. Only societal judgement provides the wrong answer. So if something is speaking through your decisions it will probably be such judgments. Simply ignore them totally. They only exist to provide self doubt and fear. 
Anyone not up to speed with individual growth should head back to the 1930's and live within the constructs because they are absolutely void in this day and age. 
Remember society has created structures for us to learn without awareness. They have created universities and schools to teach without awareness so we struggle to gain individual creative concepts to life ourselves. Almost like a jet plummeting out of control. Somewhere during the uncontrollable plummet, auto pilot would just kick in and the belief system would provide an unconscious solution. You should feel the plummet at times, this is where the growth is. The growth does not exist within judgement. 
Nothing within the society is conscious. Nothing. It must remain non existential. To meditate and train the mind to see the present is hard for a western student. Within the eastern ideologies there is no reality outside of the now. But sadly for us western cultured beings we are always searching for an end point. Forgetting totally about the ride of the now. Open connection will of course rear up so many emotions as you undertake such studies. As will the monogamist meditations. Both mediations take a lot of work. There is no easy way and to be honest, who wants an easy way? Why the fuck would we never not want to feel emotion, good or bad? Why would we want an ownership of another? Why would we benefit from attachment to another? Remember monogamy is not attachment. Monogamy is for your being to contour its own needs, wants and desires. You are the monogamist. Nobody else is. You are the open person, nobody else is. If you align your individual intuitive being with others, then fine, but don’t sort approval, judgment, socio conform or parental recognition for any meditation. It is too personal to let judgment be placed. How can one truly love themselves and source energy if you are worrying about what others think via a programmed deliberation on your inner intuitive journey? Lessons. Learnings. With that I leave you to ponder within deep thought. Until next time, light, love, kindness, open and monogamist. x 

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