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Monogamy is it relevant?

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Monogamy, is it relevant?

Hey dreamers, so let's get deep about monogamy. Monogamy is a lifestyle. It is very very individual by choice. As the Yogi student undertakes his - her yoga teacher trainings, with a strenuous vigorous training schedule to pass on to fellow students, monogamy should be viewed in somewhat the same way. Only as a meditation, as a deeper self learning. The monogamist must practice such skills daily. For the monogamist, their skill becomes contoured, it then becomes an individual piece of creative art. No monogamist shall undertake the same formulas as their constituents or peers. Their desires, fantasies and needs must be conditioned via their meditations. When the mind sexually wanders it must have the mechanisms to abort such non monogamous needs, otherwise these needs will offer a suppression within the monogamist, within the mind, body and soul. This mediation is ones individual unique journey. Of course, you can connect to another person practicing monogamy but you cannot undertake such mediations for the sake of a conditional union. If such union is compromised via such agreement of dual monogamy by two intermediate students of the meditation, all hell will break loose. In these circumstances you will find an in balance of the individuals feminine and masculine energy.
These factors must be under consideration before undertaking such a powerful meditation. To become a monogamists it is a test within ones innerself. It takes great strength to advance to become a dedicated monogamist expert. Of course, the society will provide a view of such mediations as a daily routine, but this of course is to provide the prevailing formalities amongst the human - man - woman relationship prescribed by the constructs, to provide jobs or an economy with no awareness involved within this conditional satire. Which leads to other fabricated notions, such as marriages, ownership of others, control, attachment etc. I myself conducted 13 years of monogamy. It wasn’t a form of meditation, it was more of an outer belief system which was not mine. Monogamy shouldn’t be something structured or formed from the outside or outer societal vocations. It should be something magical, practiced, celebrated, with the journey of self monogamy, solely individual. If it becomes aligned with another humans monogamist journey then what a brilliant connection you’ll share. Keep going, practicing your individual monogamist form of meditation, it will enhance inner strength, individuality, morality and creativity. Until next time, love light, forgiveness. x

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