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knowing belief

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Knowing belief

Hey Dreamers, so by now, via my past blogs you all must get the gist of what I am explaining to you about the current consciousness that most of us humans lug around with us on a day to day. 
Creatively manifesting our lives innerly, is now the next chapter to this journey of self intuitive knowledge.
The old thinking has gone, momentarily. We need to resonate with the proper humanity saving truths and its about time. #Entropy 
#1. We totally agree that our human beings/molecular, chemical, fluid like atom structures are sprouted and evolved via nature which is made up of elements pertaining to the universe/planetary/earthly elements, our core bodily parts, heart, brain and lungs comprising of over 80% water.
#2. We acknowledge a conscious energy, a soul, a spirit that has been on this planet long before the evolution of the human being came into existence, in which this soul this energy entwines within the humans fetus around 5 months from conception, within the womb. It is said, that when the mother feels the first kicks from her unborn child, these are the first signs that the unborn child has received its spirit energy.
Where these souls, our souls, came from I can not truly know, but I intuitively feel that the earth is a place where our spiritual souls from throughout the universe, are either sent here to acquire knowledge or sent here to attain some sort of an understanding, forgiveness and clarity, so an evolution of the soul, interacting with the other creatures and human species of this earth to gain such knowledge as a stepping stone for further advancement of the soul, to return to or transcend to another dimension.
In no way do I regard religion to be of any influence to what I intuitively feel to be intuitive knowledge. 
I totally believe that deep down, we have other life forms within our universe and the only reasoning behind the non connection of other life forms to this planet.
Once again, this is a speculative thought, but if extraterrestrial life forms know that if they were to visit our planet and they were caught or killed on this planet, their souls would too become entrapped in the same processes as we currently see within our own spiritual beings. 
What I mean by processes is that, we go through life after life acquiring knowledge, assuming many many different life times. 
I think that this all happens because we must find this source within our souls, our consciousness to become this sort of forgiveness and love. Which elevates the soul beyond the containment of our planet earth. By all means, think of these words as mythical, I do in a way, but I also hold them as deeper truths due to things that I and others have seen with our own eyes pertaining to this other realm. Which is a beautiful thing if we can harbour an individual understanding of a deeper knowledge. 

The Bee Sting

So this belief system is based on neither #1 nor #2 of the above.
You believe that you are born a human being of privileged circumstance or under privileged circumstance. You become religiously educated or educationally indoctrinated, you want to be well placed within your society and within socio factions of the highlighted norm. You also want, well placed friends and connections too, you fill your entire life's existence with material items and you forward your search or more your assumption, that your existence must include a life long mate. Marriage, partner.
Over time through mythical installation you assume many biblical stories even though you claim to not be religious in any way. Simply you have manifested a life based on this pre occupied sub conscious thinking. Nothing at all within this life is real. You celebrate oppression in both Christmas and Easter and you genuinely find happiness in having things -stuff.
Emotionally, someone in this predicament lives their lives amongst the same social circles as themselves, anyone that thinks differently to these people is considered an outsider or infidel. This way the mindless chatter can regurgitate the problems associated with the possessions, human possessions and material acquired possessions.

The realisation

Ok, so you have come to the hypothesis that you are a fleshy like human structure, in-tune with nature, possessing a unique individual creative soul that purely functions within both feminine/masculine energy. Which when balanced, promotes love, compassion, empathy and resonates your aura, your light, your light of being and a blooming happiness. 
All of your focus now goes into finding your source in which you can create an abundant life.
You manifest your inner creative being through the love of creation and connection to other beings.
Sex is your number one creative tool.
It is a human reproductive tool too for your fleshy human structures to propagate the species within nature, as well as being a release of a magnitude of chemicals within the human brain/body which makes you feel absolutely great.
But this sex tool also connects you beyond just these few reproductive formalities. It joins you and takes you to a higher connective/conscious state.
We all know of the idiotic remedial scenarios of the bee sting world. Who would even remotely take on such ludicrous assumptions yet 99.9% of people, especially women do. It's super gross to have bee sting mindset when it comes to sex.
He cheated she cheated, he’s a player, she’s a slut. Remember the society doesn’t want you to change to the real inner you, so if you have trouble with taking any of this on, just know that you are sub consciously blocked sometimes at this point. Try breath work, sound healing or kundalini dance to set the intention and breakaway from the gross judgements that society places on your being.
Love, light, hope, forgiveness x

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