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Hey Dreamers, so this blog is about my latest release "Gypsy". The creative process formed within me some months ago while doing Bulter Reserve Markets in Byron Bay. I remember it was a beautiful spring morning, school holidays were well underway and Byron Bay was oozing its unique feminine energy intune with the birds singing and the ocean roaring. Byron Bay is a special place. For those that have not been, it has an acceptance non judgement vibe.
Within indigenous culture, Byron Bay was the meeting place for the Arakwal women, local tribes.
So the feminine energy is very present in Byron. You can feel the creative juices flowing when you are there. Byron Bay attracts mostly women to reside in her frequency, as the Arakwal indigenous women found the same. Attracted by the creative draw or more the balanced feminine - masculine energy - Yin / Yang. The minority of men attracted to Byron Bay will most likely be of creative substance too, musicians, artisans, all congregating around this surfing life, free love, lifestyle. 
Now on this spring Sunday market morning, I witnessed a magical sunrise. You know that light? That sunlight that illuminates the soul. I remember hanging up a few pieces onto my market stall rack and this illuminating light was following this striking woman. She was dressed in what I presume, was a 1960's to 1970's vintage dress. Lace sleeves. A woven wooden basket full of fresh produce. Her shinny brunette luscious hair, the length, sitting within the groove of her back. Her feet were exposed and dusty, barefoot but it all added to her Gypsy like claim. I didn't dare ask her about the dress. I have done this before and its kind of inappropriate to approach women I feel and ask such a random question. But this all enhanced my creative formulas. Being a designer and a heterosexual man for me personally a piece of clothing projects something so important to a woman's femininity. A woman wearing a dress from some fast fashion outlet will project the terms and conditions of such. A woman that's consciously sourced her pieces of clothing, it's felt, it exhumes, it radiates, it promotes her and her ethics and morality. 
Now I already had some beautiful 1970's patterns that I have worked on for many years so it was just a matter of finding an organic material for the main part of the dress and the correct lace that would fit the vibe and feel of what I had experienced at the markets that illuminated spring Sunday. 
In June this year I decided to add this dress to my collections, it also worked out that I would be travelling to Kauai in Hawaii later in June so I would be able to take the dress and shoot it there. My best friend Amelia Whelan was more than happy to help me out (once again) with some epic beach shots and a sweet little small feature Video. Amelia had just gotten back to Kauai herself so the timing was perfect. So that pretty much sums up the story of Gypsy. It took a year and a bit to actually get the dress out to the public, so that I could replicate that same feeling that I witness within that Byron Bay market. So to anyone that wants that feeling of freedom, elegance, opulence while giving zero fucks on conforming or more just not wearing a pair of shoes this dress is a perfect situation for you. Organic Bamboo. 
Until next time, love forgiveness, light, knowledge. x

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