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Hi Dreamers, so what I have been blogging about should highlight the cause to come to the conclusion within ourselves to leave our baggage, labels and judgement at the door to proceed any further to find and/or uncover any deeper intuitive truths and knowings about ourselves. Disregarding any support network that exists within the outside world/universe. All that we are choosing to function with, is our deeper search for knowledge. Of who we are really destined to be. We are allowing new connections to flow, we are acknowledging ourselves and our source.  


 So after the past 4 blogs those of you that have understood the formulas that I have been proclaiming to detach from a fall back on belief system, societal belief system, a traditional belief system, a religious belief system and an institutionalised belief system so the only system which is in place is your own experience and knowledge. As a parent of two children and a small business owner living and interacting daily within an eastern ideology (Hinduism) I feel I have the exposure to see/learn things within myself that I can highlight via acquired knowledge from the inner trust and inner belief that it takes to not involve myself from not being present within each moment. Or more, not getting too far ahead of myself. Each scenario that I have blogged about stems from an experience that I have personally gone through, as well as exposing my two children to. If you have gone through similar experiences to what I write about I hope that this sits comfortably with what you intuitively feel, then these blogs have done the work that they were intended to do. Which is to see such things within ones self that are unrestricted, without judgement. Which I hope will provide some sort of clarity within. That is my intention. To provided clarity. To ruffle the feathers of the inner belief system and outward judgment. Your journey is your journey. It needs no influence from anybody nor any universe. These words I write are to provide a detachment to materialised possessions. Including our connections to other people. Spiritual, emotional, intellectual and sexual. Its to help other parents detach from their children. We are not parents. We are knowledge. We as parents are not prompters. We are knowledge. We are not motivational arm chair sport addicts on a Saturday morning. We are knowledge. We are not people that institutionalise these energies in educational schools. We are the true knowledge of being. We are present within ourselves at all times. Our children will feed off this energy of being present. We offer clarity within ourselves, our children will feed off this energy. If we offer, judgement, materialistic wants, emotional degradation due to factors within the bee sting reality we will feed our children to the spiritual off-set that exists outside of our visible light frequency in which we human beings can not see. We have to be so aware that it is not only just our energy and consciousness that is on this planet. 

Orbs & entities 

We as human bings use this human vehicle to sustain our spiritual energy/consciousness. We consume plants via plant bio photons to produce energy. But what about the other spiritual energies that are also living on this planet? If they do not have these human bodies to feed them directly then they must be fed in some way. I am not going to go too deep into how I know all this as fact but for example look at an orb. A light orb. We can all say truthfully that we see the transparency of such energies when we take a video or photograph. But to the naked eye they are invisible. But they are there, within the alternate light frequency. But what feeds these light orbs of their energy? 

The order of the real universe

So we have to acknowledge that other energies need to be fed - source. This is when we must look at the construction of world - universe. Has it been organised/created in such a way that it feeds everyone. Human, animal, plant, souls, spirits etc. So this is my assumption that our current consciousness the implied versions of what we see, the statistical evaluation of our belief system feeds these other non human entities something. If we are all getting emotional - scared - angry - sad - frustrated about these constructs, things that we can see - perceive that we have no direct control over. Wars, African babies dying of malnutrition, animal factory farms, made up labels of so many structural societal and religious adherences, not living up to being the label of a worker, a man, a woman, a son, a daughter, these out of their depth emotions, I believe, trigger our human emotions, unnaturally, feeding these outer entities that surrounds us. Remember they cannot eat as we eat. They must feed off something right? Of supply. So we must recognise this. This can all be alleviated by sorting through these past blogs. I think that once we start feeding these outer entities our negative programmed matrix like emotions they become reliant on such food source. I know this all sounds so fucking crazy but what if our very consciousness and our current emotionally state feeds them all. So I think that we can look at our current consciousness in such a way that do we want to actually recognise this food source via our emotions which can cause a detrimental affect or do we simply need to rewire ourselves to just give what we perceive at a glanced forgiveness/love instead? Without getting emotionally involved with anything that is promoted outside of our own knowledge based belief system.
Remember society and religion is at the root of all that is evil. 
This is a Matrix that we all live. We must choose which reality that we want to be part of. Ours or theirs.
Till next time, love, light, forgiveness and self - knowledge.. x

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