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Ayahuasca the lesson

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Ayahuasca the lesson


Hey Dreamers, so this blog comes fresh from the immense journey medicine that is Ayahuasca, the vine of the soul. A Peruvian derived ancient plant medicine stooped in amazing and wonderful healing properties. To even mummer that this plant is anything but the most powerful life adjusting educator on this earth, is an insult. Medicine it is. But for anyone deciding to part take in this journey, where ever one maybe of this earth, think ever so deeply on why this medicine has been called to you. Ayahuasca is the feminine, the mother, the grandmother of these such powerful instructors, healers, species. Peyote is the masculine, the grandfather of plant healing. I am yet to experience Peyote, a week prior, it had called a group of my friends, but it didn’t not call me, so I played witness from the sidelines. Peyote’s harsh teachings. The girls all went through what I can only describe, as pure hell, the ceremony was immensely beautiful though, not a formality out of place. The only male in the group witnessed the beauty and unconditional purity that life has to offer. He remarked the next day, that this Peyote ceremony was hands down, the most beautiful experience he has had in his life to date. It was a celebration of ones life. I am sure that Peyote, with its extraordinary powers will call on me sooner than later.
So 3 days has past since our ceremony. I must confess, that the download is still ongoing. Not in an overloading, overbearing kind of way, just a very subtle trickle of defining answers that I let pass through. I do not deliberate for an everlasting answer, nor do I perceive any of the information ambiguous at all. It was completely direct. For many many years I have uncovered and studied the feminine - masculine energies within us humans. So to witness this information via a plant was quite easy to decipher. 
Thursday night, Amelia & I left home in Bali bound for an Ayahuasca Ceremony in Australia. I had spoke to a dear friend in Australia about Ayahuasca the day before and she had whisked us through the interviewing processes and we were locked in to an already booked out group of students willing to gather such true education. I like to call this education. I personally learnt more about life and our purpose of life on this planet in a few hours versus 14 years of complete indoctrination via THE system. Ayahuasca does it's job to remove such installed layers. 
Around 5pm on Friday we arrived at this beautiful temple in the middle of the deep Australian rain forest. The temple was of wooden construction, overhanging a steep and omnious drop off to the valleys below. A snake rustled away as we walked the steps down, bats flew up from the dark depths below and the possums viewed us from within the darkness of the forest. Like a nocturnal creature inside a glassed viewing cage. It was us humans that were now being examined by the animal republic. 
It was if the animals could sense what we were about to go through.
We all congregated together, the 30 or so of us, from all different backgrounds, demographics and a fluctuation in age. The feminine love was already present, you could feel the acceptance and non judgement. We were all going deep and everyone in the group was on the edge of the unknown. While most Australians were watching Friday night footy, having a beer at the pub with mates, or a cheese platter with the girls, we were preparing for our life teachings. To be honest I hadn’t a fucking clue of what I was really about to go through, none of us did. For the next 30 minutes we sipped chai tea and coconut milk. The feeling was anxious -anticipation. All of us were dressed in pure white, we entered the temple, one by one passing the Shaman and the ancient sounds of the Peruvian drum, we were blessed, we were then purified by the waters soaked by the Ayahuasca leaf and cleansed by the Peruvian tobacco. Everything was meticulous, everything was traditional and the ceremony was now underway. 
The temple was filled with our own beds, blankets and spew buckets. I was so worried about spewing up during the ceremony, in which even the sight of these buckets gave me a stupid sense of fear. The main Shaman was also a Peruvian musician. The guitars and other instruments including the aboriginal indigenous didgeridoo lay there, positioned as part and parcel of this journey. Now at this time as you take your place you must be totally present in what you want to ask Ayahuasca or more set this intention. Each and every persons request/intention would be diversely different. For me, I wanted her to speak to me, supply me with gentle forms of information, to teach me, for I was willing to totally surrender (well I thought that I was) to have more of an unbiased understanding of our plant species, their consciousness and their powers. Amelia’s turn came and she would seek clarity and a more lateral understanding to her futures path. The bloke next to me wanted to curb his alcohol addiction and to find a more self central peace and understanding of his deeper self. I think if anything, I would have set my intention a few days out rather than a last minute inclusion. Note to self. The time had come, one by one we were called to take our medicine. Acknowledging the elements, earth, air, fire and water, for they are the very elements of us too we must never forget. I think to get the most out of Ayahuasca, think of your true self as you are. We are not these humans with fleeting arrangements and silly social satire dysfunctions. We too are elements made up of this earth, so at the very essence of understanding our unique feminine Ayahuasca we must become one with her. We are all connected, we always have been and will continue to be. 
Bottoms up, there was no going back now. The dark black acquired tasting medicine was now within. I spoke one more blessing then retreated back to my space and waited for the unknown. The Shaman then proceeded to blow out the only candle still shimmering in the room. Silence. It was like a gas chamber decision has been cast onto the prisoner, death of the ego and rebirth of the soul was imminent now, but when? In 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Deep breath. If all goes to shit, at least I have my breath. I tried to make out where Amelia was in the room, as we weren’t allowed to sit together. I guess that the organisers do this to couples so the experience remains an individuals journey. I lay back staring at the ceiling vent in the room. Waiting. The vents outline started to get sharper and sharper. Ok, the medicine is now kicking in, the vent starts to move side to side, faster and faster, removing itself from the roof and positioned itself right in front of my face. Ok, so what’s the safe word? Do we have a safe word? Everyone has taken the same amount. The Shaman too. Everyone is under the influence. I’m fighting this, I don’t want to go on this ride anymore, maybe if I crawl into a ball it will all go away? No chance. I start shaking, It feels as if know no one else is in the room but me, it feels athough everyone has left. I am with myself, with this feeling, the most scariest fucked up feeling that I have felt in my life. This feeling must be what an animal feels before its imminent death, seeing its fellow species cop a bolt to the head and I was next inline. Fear. I couldn’t get a grasp on it. Was this delirium? But I am totally coherent. I sit up straight and a feminine voice speaks (after the ceremony, I asked who was it that sprayed this mist into my palms. No one came forth and later it was pointed out that this was my feminine spirit guide) It’s ok. Open your hands. A spray of mist is positioned within my palms. Now breath, you’re ok. This was a momentary moment of comfort. I have to stop fighting it and just go with it, I told myself, so I roll onto my stomach, grab my pillow and held on tight, I still feel that I am totally alone. 
Scripture unrecognisable is positioned right in front of my eyes, even when I shut them the scripture is still there. Scripture that you would find in some twisted futuristic film. The plant is showing me the formulas to life, existence, but I cannot read it/translate this, but I intuitively feel that this is some very ancient information made available. I then enter a technological world, it's super fast, the illuminated walls are moving in, I’m falling. Am I moving so fast towards some sort of death? Is this technological lineal world, death? Is this matrix styled worlds layers being stripped from my comprehension as a viable notion of reality? Is an installed reality the very mechanism to teach us human beings, our fleshy avatar like vehicles to disassociate from this socio classed, religious dividing, share priced indexed, superannuation supported, corporate conglomerated, government implemented, educationally brainwashed reality? So we simply love more and show more compassion? The latter makes no sense to plant life, so why do we all get caught up in it? At that moment it all just stops. The ride is over? So I think. But in retrospect is has only just begun. The earth. The vastness. The uncertainty. I am spoken to. I am ready. She speaks, Ayahuasca, she now speaks, with so much love. With a capacity like no other feeling I have ever experienced. She says, the planet, the plants, the universe is in full control, what you are experiencing within your human reality is a test. Life is a test. So you must decide, do you want to live inside this game? Fighting within your mind, within the constructs positioned to teach you or do you want to be able to totally break free? The plastic filled oceans, the monstrous factory farms, the burning of the Amazon, this is all a lesson to teach humanity. Firstly, to shift the planets consciousness and secondly to teach you unconditional love, for all species and ourselves. So do you want to see the degradation as a hopelessness or an advancement of the soul? All of a sudden I am shown our beautiful abundant green planet and an array of scared farm animals at the peril of human consumption. The animals faces interchanging with those of human children. Ayahuasca speaks with total compassion and love. She says she has provided everything within humanity to past such a test. She loves me. She no longer wants me to be scared. Its totally ok. I am hysterical, I cannot stop crying for the love she is showing me. She informs me that love and compassion is all this is. A Pure Education. It is totality for our human race. It is an awareness that is tested. Do you want to believe in your society? Or do you want to believe in your own love and compassion for all existence? During this download, this transformation, this integral part of personal evolution, the Shaman played and chanted the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard, in tune with the other healers triggering such beautiful feminine chants. Without the sound I would have been lost within my own mind. The love that I was offered by Ayahuasca to feel in this moment is impossible to describe in writing via text. I have never felt a love like this. Not even close. It was so intense. Was this real unconditional love? Maybe. They say that Ayahuasca accesses the 90% of our brains that we never use. To me this needs to be unlocked. We would live a different reality if this were the case. I am sure of that. This was a teaching. The most prolific teaching I have ever experienced. As our children are taught in schools to find their meaning in life, Ayahuasca was teaching me that we are all born within the meaning of life.  I sit up, legs crossed, still gleaming with so much love and joy for this process, Ayahuasca declares…….you are now the teacher. I roll over again put my face into my pillow. I’m exhausted……………….The Shaman Speaks………..anyone wanting their second dose, please come up now. My lesson felt like it was over. No second cup for me. Reflecting back maybe I should have had another dose? Maybe I needed this reflection to sit in on another ceremony with someone that needs this medicine a lot more than I do. Before Ayahuasca, I thought that I knew it all. I thought that I had a grasp on our reality. I thought that we were are all being manipulated by the system. This is not the case. We are manipulated by our own perceptions. We are the ones capable of everything, a collective consciousness inline with nature and the universe. This is source. Your head is not source. Your head is manipulated, so you, and you alone, must detach. We must surrender. We must not be distracted. We must let the processes of earth be. We then have more capacity and space to love and to show up and offer compassion for all that is living amongst us. Until next time, love, light, knowledge is power. x

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